paolo boeri roi

He is Paolo.

He represents Liguria in our Taggiasco.


Prodigal son of five generations of mill’s owners, he navigates inside the oiled world of olive since his early years. 

Olio Roi and Ulivo Bistrot are the examples of his virtue. Motors and adventure’s lover, with an elegant dandy style, with Davide, Michele and Giustino is one of our co-founders.


davide terenzio pinto

One of our faces, one of the co-founders. Expert of vermouth. Thanks to the experience developed during the management of Anselmo Vermouth and Affini Torino, he contributed to the Taggiasco’s conception and production. Full of energies, during his best years, he was the singer of a famous hardcore band in Turin.

“My challenge is matching and mixing knowledges and tastes of the contemporary gourmet cookery in the background of a cocktail bar.”


michele marzella

He is Michele, the fourth face of the Taggiasco.

He was born under the star of bartendering, in Pinerolo in 1990.

After a season working as Barman manager at Terrazza Ramazzotti in Porto Cervo, he began to work with Davide, travelling in Europe and America, bringing his Barman’s knowledge around the world.

“I like a simple mixing, immediate, linked with territory and season, so that the consumer doesn’t need exaggerated sensorial analyses.”

The Taggiasco within his hands gives his best.

Try to believe.