The Italian Distilled Gin

ExtravirGin embodies the aromas and flavors of the Argentina Valley, where the ROI oil mill resides, the historic nickname of the Boeri family, and the bitter and evergreen notes of Juniper berries. These two ingredients are born on steep slopes, suggestive and romantic to the eye, but harsh and tiring for the bacchianti that collect olives and for those who have to climb among the spikes of the shrubs to catch their pristine berries.


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Paths of life quite different, but many passions in common. ExtravirGin embodies values and ideas from the world of high quality, the best mixology and bon vivre.


Taggiasco’s heart is divided between the two Valleys that give the main flavors to the recipe: the Argentina Valley and the Val di Susa. The first one is the mother of the “Taggiasca” olive, sweet and tasty; the second one is the home of the upland Juniper, fragrant and precious.